Friday, October 05, 2012

Hello We're The Fuzzwippers REVIEW

The 411 by Maria and Goddess:

This was a perfect book for Goddess to read for her "Reading Log" for school. Her confidence level is going up even though reading is still hard for her.

We laid down on the bed to read as we do every night and started reading Hello, We're The Fuzzwippers. Usually we do every other line because it is just easier for her and doesn't prolong my torture as we read for a long time and she has to sound out every word. She pretty much did the whole thing by herself except the half dozen words I had to help her with and every time she got to the word Fuzzwipper she laughed, "it is such a funny word."

The Fuzzwippers are adorable, cuddly little fluff balls that Goddess had to count on every page after reading. The story is adorable and reinforces one of the most important thing to me for my kids. You are loved, no matter what! 

The illustrations were our favorite part! So adorable and we both wished that Fuzzwippers were real and that we each had one.

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  1. This sounds like a great book for my grand daughter who needs a little something to boost her confidence. Debbie Welchert


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