Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide is Being Created

If you have a product that my readers would love to know about, I want to talk to you! Maria's Space does a Holiday Gift Guide every year of products that end up on my radar for the current year.

We review all items that fall into any category from age 1 - 99. My community loves telling me if they believe a product should be on the gift guide and I carry the product with me everywhere to show off to my off line friends. 

My kids love getting in on the reviews and we also love to do video reviews showing off your product.

If your product is selected for the Holiday Gift Guide you will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In as well as to my over 2800 email subscribers.

We also love hosting giveaways with our reviews, giveaways are promoted activity on our social media walls as well as a community site I host for my town.

Please contact me at if you have a product you want us to check out.

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