Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mom Funny! Nick Mom Party #NICKMOMPARTY

Friday night, a few of my mom friends and I got together for a Mom Funny House Party to talk about Nick Mom, drink and laugh. It was the perfect way to get ready for my super busy weekend.

We had a great time. A friend of mine needed to reschedule her already mom friendly Poker night so we figured lets combine the two and have an even better time.

As designated driver I shuttled one of my friends there and on the ride we talked about how we never really do girls night and how it is something we love. As moms we never ever do it. Our get together usually include our kids but the ladies we were getting with were party animals and we were thoroughly excited to hang with them and learn poker. Neither of us had ever played.  Nick Mom and House Party sent me over some really awesome party products which I had dropped off earlier in the week so that the party would be ready before the guests showed up.

Included In My Party Pack:
• NickMom DVD with Exclusive Clips and Episodes
• Cosmo Cocktail Mix
• NickMom Drink Shaker
• Motherfunny Drink Coasters
• 'Would You Rather' Game
• Charades: Mom Edition
• Mom Libs
• NickMom Fridge Magnets
• Guest Name Tags
We had the best time. The drinks were flowing and everyone was laughing. What is a party if there is no laughter. Most of the ladies know each other very well. We live in a small town and four of them get together every weekend with their families and play poker so it was a comfortable crew. I had my roll of quarters and I was ready to play but before we started we each put on our Nick Mom Name Tags which asked for you to write the name of your favorite TV Mom and act like her. We spent the first round of poker shouting on various things. Like I was Roseanne and shouted for Becky Darlene, and DJ every once in a while. While others were Amy Duncan, The mom from the George Lopez Show, Debra Barone, Peggy Bundy, Marge Simpson, The mom from Family Guy, Becky from Full House, Angela Bower, and Carol Brady. Listening to everyone try to incorporate these characters into our crazy poker game (we played two games before moving on) was hysterical. After poker we put in the MotherFunny House Party DVD. We loved the two woman from the "MFF: Mom Friends Forever". And many of these party animals really thought that girlfriends and wine are what get you through the crazy, kid days. The Mom Libs was my second favorite part of the night next to Charades the Mom Edition (little cards I cut out provided by Nick Mom. Ridiculously hysterical and I can't wait to play this with another group of mom friends the next time we get together. It was a blast.  Here are two friends acting out some Mom Charades. I won' even tell you what they were acting out because they are crazy!

I had a blast and learned a lot about my friends! Besides the fact that they are crazy and fun is that all of them are really amazing woman and having a party with friends should be something I do more often!

If you have a chance check out Nick Mom on Nick Jr nightly at 10:00 PM

Disclosure: I received a party pack from House Party to host this little chindig

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