Friday, April 30, 2010

Playing Catch-Up After Playing Hooky With The Kids

I am not a big believer in standardized education. Kids do not need to be in a structured, school setting to learn in my eyes. This means many things (which we will undoubtedly get into along the way), but it also means is that I have absolutely no problem springing the kids from school, for what has become our yearly ritual of going to the zoo.

My Little Ground Hogs (more pictures to come)
April 29, 2010 (61)

Yesterday, Goddess just told me "you can give away all our Little People."
Me: Huh, you don't want them anymore?"
Her: No Handsome and I don't play with them, you can give them to someone else."

*Sob* this makes me so sad. I loved watching them play with their Little People. We have hundreds and they were a big part of their pretend play. So sad!!!!
Built in Play date

I loved watching them create these villages with the Strawberry Shortcake house and the Little People. My kids are getting big! Wahhhh.
Friday Photo Flashback

This picture from 2007 actually hurts my heart!


  1. Great photos! The top first scared me at first! I thought you buried them alive... kidding!

  2. Awww! Sibling love! Gotta love it! LOL, but it does look like she can't breathe.

  3. Great shots... I used to love taking the kids out of school for an outing with just mommy to do something that I thought would stimulate their mind or imagination when they were little.
    It is sad when they grow up, but how sweet that she wants to give her toys to someone else who may get more use out of them... She is such an amazing child. I love her so much! :-)
    You have done good, mama!!


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