Monday, April 26, 2010



I understand and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, yet sometimes I just don't get it.

On April 7th I posted an item on Ebay stating "pick up only" since it is a huge, heavy piece of furniture.

On the 10th and 13th I received bids on the item. Hooray for me.

On the 14th, bidder #1 asked to be removed from the bidding because they didn't realize this was a pick up only item.

I was unable to remove and asked if they could remove themselves. They couldn't or didn't. 

The item ended and since I knew #1 wouldn't be coming to get it. I sent messages to bidder #2 saying; 

"The person who bid after you didn't realize the item was pick up only. If you want the item before I relist, please let me know." (I wrote it this way because I wanted to hopefully make the sale but also because I wanted to let them know IT IS PICK UP ONLY!)

No response but I received a payment of $180.00. Awesome. So they MUST understand that it is pick up only so I send a response. When will you be picking up? Nothing! I look them up and see that they live in CALIFORNIA. Ummm..I live in NY. 

I head over to PayPal sending back the money that I COULD SO USE stating, "This item is pick up only. If you intend to pick up, please resend the money."

Today, I receive this message!
Hi I havent your item, it has been one week and nothing please e-mail me ??????????

ARRGHHHHHGGG...really, seriously!????? WTF! 

So, now I have AGAIN sent a message through EBAY because that is the only info I have on them, lets see what happens.


  1. I hate ebay :)
    Good luck--I hope somebody in NY buys your crib. And picks the darn thing up.

  2. Anonymous6:22 PM

    arrrrrggghhhh is right!!! I would be pulling my hair!!! hopefully it will turn out ok. People need to read instructions!!! Luckily you are a kind person by e-mailing them and keeping them in the loop.

  3. There are seriously a lot of DUMB people out there. :(


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