Thursday, April 15, 2010

Memory Rewind

Goddess was turning 1 here in all her pink glory. Now she would never ask for a pink cake!


  1. I have that kind of girl too so I know you have to stick them in pink frilly things while they have no say so because after that they rebel!
    She looks adorable; like a little pink and white cupcake :)

  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    She is too cute! Look at her now, how much she has grown. Crazy right!

  3. That is the cutest little face ever!!!!

  4. Adrienne, I know. She is too sweet

    Renee, It is fun because she is a little bit Tom boy and a little girly. We got to love the rebel side.

    Clary, I know! She is so big.

    Freda, Tee hee. she was so small


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