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Book Nook Corner - Kids Books - Adventure Series

Parent Reviewers
Thanks to Parent Reviewers, I received two books that I can't stop talking about.

As an avid reader and someone who loves to gift the kids in my life with books I am always happy to find a book that I love as an adult but know that I would have totally loved as a child.

The Wright On Time Series by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley is about a family who homeschools and travels America exploring and learning.

In Arizona we meet the Wright Family who are traveling on a tour of the United States of American in an RV "roadschooling".  Aidan is the curious 7 year old brother. Nadia is 11 and is super smart. Stephanie, Mom is a telecommuter computer expert and Dad Harrison is a writer.

On their first stop at a cave, Aiden is excited about seeing bats and we learn the difference between stalactites and stalagmites (the "C:" in the word is for ceiling and the "G" is for ground. So Stalactites are the mineral deposits that are hanging from the ceiling of a cave and the Stalagmites come out of the ground). I had no idea.  While digging they find a mysterious device that has the picture of a turtle on the front. What can it be?


In Utah, the Wright family heads out on a dinosaur dig. Who in their life has not wanted to do this? How exciting and educational.  In this book I learned that a T-Rex actually has a wishbone like a bird. Crazy huh? 

In A Nutshell: These books are incredible. I love them and think that you and your kids will too!  The family is likable. The kids are enjoyable, no one is trying to one up someone or be funny. The parents aren't secondary characters or forgotten. The locations are interesting. The story flows beautifully and this really is a great way to show how normal, smart and balanced homeschooled children can be contrary to some of my friends. These books are not just for the homeschooled. The story is excellent and any reader will want the next book in the series.  The fact that the books are a continuation from each other is amazing. I love that book 2 Utah, talked about the mysterious device they found in the cave and now, I can't wait to find out what it is.

The chapters are short enough for the youngest reader of approximately 8 but children as young as 5 will sit and be entertained if you read to them.

What I Can Tell You:  The idea of this family spending all this time together, doing things that excite and educate them, working together and supporting each other is just a wonderful concept. What is even greater than that, is the information provided. The story in itself is superbly written but the interesting tidbits of information that the reader will gain is so much more. I will be very surprised if you don't find your children researching or taking an interest in the information provided.  In fact, my daughter and I found a dino dig game online that we absolutely had to play for an hour as we talked about the bones and the idea of going on an actual dig. Don't be surprised if your kids start begging you to homeschool them.

For information on the books, character bios, coloring pages, games and more, head over to

Nadia (the daughter) has a blog that corresponds with the books here.

Lapbook lovers (me) can find a Wright On Time Lap Book here.

I am thrilled to have been part of this campaign through Parent Reviewers and look forward to the rest of the books. Starting a collection for my kids.

Book 3 Wyoming comes out soon! To purchase these for yourself head over to Wright On Time

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