Thursday, April 01, 2010

Friday Fragments

I came out of the shower the other day and Goddess was standing in the bathroom wearing my bra. She said, "Mommy, "I'm wearing your boobs." Ahahaha...I don't wear padded bras but if I did, this would be funnier.

The other day, Goddess looked around my room and said, "mommy, maybe there are ghosts but you just don't see them." Ummm...OK...

Handsome likes my hair. Every time I have the illusion of a bang, he tells me he likes it. I am wondering if I should cut some more hair off the front.

Well, it's Thursday and we had our first day out for Spring break. Only 3 more days before they return to school. Man, that went too fast.

Was at the park today with my kids. They were the biggest one there so mostly I got to sit and watch. It was nice to see how they both easily made "friends" and played with the other kids. It's a nice feeling.

Has anyone else notice that Madonna has lost her British accent since she left Guy Ritchie?

So excited for Spartacus tonight. It really is one of the best shows on TV.

So cute, my husband came home this week with a surprise XBox game for my son. I think those are the gifts that mean so much more. The ones that were given just because.

Goddess really needs to learn to read. She will conquer the world when she can actually read something.


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Thats so funny about Goddess and your bra. My daughter asks me " Am I going to have big ones like yours" LOL I hope not.

    I love gifts just beacause. It shows that you were thinking of that someone. Is so cute and special.

  2. That is the funniest thing I have ever read! Don't you wish Kids say the darndest things was still on tv. She'd be perfect!!! LOL

    Happy Easter to you guys!! x

  3. Goddess cracks me up!
    I think Handsome's right; some bangs would draw even more attention to your nice eyes (I mean that in the most platonic non-weird way possible.)


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