Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fragments

-Awesome week. I got to see 4 of my girlfriends in one week and spoke to two on the phone. Love my girlfriends. Girlfriends are a main ingrediant to a fulfilled life.

-Ate lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. Newly opened. They should have stayed closed! I don't see myself eating there anytime soon.

-Goddess's birthday was awesome. She had very bad allergies but we loved watching her open her birthday gifts.

-Received a great note from Handsome's speech therapist. She says he is doing amazing on his comprehension and reading skills.

-Received word from Handsome's teacher that he is at reading Level D! Awesome considering he went in at reading Level C.  It is great to see that he is progressing. We have come a long way.

-Had an awesome breakfast today at my girlfriend Dalia's house. I got to meet her new baby and as always Dalia served up some very exotic yummies. Pictures of one to come since I just had to snap it.

-Goddess calls Lady Gaga, Gaga goo-goo. Hahahaha... "is this gaga googoo? Bwhahaah

-Goddess's big girl bed from BabyCribsPlus.Com came in. The mattress comes on Sunday! The crib will be taken down for the first time in 7 years. Wahhhhh, no more cribs necessary in my home.

-Season Finale of Spartacus is on tonight. If you have missed this amazing series on Starz. Fear not, a DVD is scheduled and you can still watch it On Demand. In case you need incentive and my words are not enough to get you watching. Feast your eyes on this:


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    You must be very proud of Handsome.

    YEAH for Goddess and her new bed!

    I agree 100% I love my friends!


    I can't get past that.

  3. So glad you had a wonderful week full of good surprises instead of bads ones! You helped improve my week with those hot guy pictures.


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