Monday, September 07, 2020

My First Halloween Book of The Year - Pumpkin Magic by Ed Masessa

Pumpkin Magic
By Ed Masessa
Illustrated by: Nate Wragg
Scholastic Books

Pumpkins magically come to life and embark on a Halloween adventure in this whimsical rhyming read-aloud!

"Lonely pumpkin on a stair, glowing in the chilly air.
Moonbeam magic lights a spark. Pumpkin rises in the dark!
Pumpkin bouncing down the street, looking for a friend to greet."

With a little moonlight magic, these pumpkins come to life and set off on a raucous adventure in this laugh-out-loud rhyming adventure! Each page turn reveals new whimsical delights and giggles, as pumpkins trick-or-treat, have a food fight, and dress up in silly outfits. As daylight comes, the pumpkins roll back home, waiting until the moonbeams shine just right... and it's time again to romp all through the night!

With bold, expressive, whimsical illustrations from Nate Wragg, and delightful rhyming text from Ed Masessa, this title is sure to be a go-to Halloween favorite for laughs galore.

The 411:

This cute and whimsical tale of our porch pumpkins coming to life when the moonbeam’s magic hit was a rhyming good time. I loved reading it out loud and know my preschool class will love it! 

The illustrations were the perfect accompaniment to the adorably child friendly story about Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns.  Bold dark colors serve as a backdrop and make the cheery pumpkins eyes and mouths glow. 

This is definitely a book I won’t mind re-reading whenever my class asks for it.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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