Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Is Buying a Car Worth it?

Cars cost money. For most of us, after our house (or even before, if you are yet to make that investment), our vehiclesare the most expensive thing that we own. They come with related costs, and even if you only use yours infrequently, it continues to cost you money. If you can’t drive yet, there are other costs to consider, such as driving lessons, tests and licenses, and first-time insurance can be ridiculously expensive. If you live somewhere with useful public transport links, you work within walking distance from home, or you have excellent access to lifts and car shares, you might wonder if it’s worth buying a car. Well, it really does depend. Let’s take a look. 

What Are the Costs of Owning a Car?

The costs of a car don’t stop when you shell out on the price sticker. The other costs of owning a car include:


The costs of car insurance can be high, especially if you are young and a first-time driver. But you can bring these costs down by purchasing a safe and sensible car, keeping it in a secure location, experimenting with how you class your occupation on the application form, and by adding a named driver. Of course, if you drive well and avoid accidents, your premiums will reduce quickly as your no-claims bonus builds. 


When you drive, you are legally obligated to pay road tax. The amount you pay will depend on your car, its age, and its emissions. 


Unless you invest in an electric car, you will have to pay for gas to keep it going. These prices can vary between locations and times of the year. 

Regular Maintenance 

If your car breaks down or is involved in an accident, you’ll have to cover repair costs, but even if you are lucky enough to avoid these, there will be routine checks and maintenance throughout its life. 

How Your Car Could Save You Money

So, your car has costs. But it can also save, or even make you some money. Once you own a car, you have capital. If you ever need money quickly, you could sell it. Or, even better, you could sell the title to Fort Lauderdale, fl - fast money car title loans, and keep driving normally. You can also make money by hiring it out or using it to work as a driver. 

Owning a car can also save you money on costly public transport, especially if you use it to travel on vacation instead of paying for flights. 

The Other Benefits of Owning Your Own Car

The benefits of owning a vehicle aren’t just financial. Having easy access to a car can save you time, make traveling easier, improve your mood (because who loves sitting on a packed bus?), and give you extra freedom. A car means that you can live independently and that you never have to rely on anyone else for your transport needs. 

There’s no doubt that a car can be a worthwhile investment. If you use it regularly or find ways to make extra money with it, a car can save you money and make your life easier. Butultimately, the decision is yours.

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