Wednesday, July 10, 2019

My Life In Pictures May 15 - May 31, 2019

May 15 - This was the day I found my favorite drink ever. It taste like someone took a watermelon and liquefied it. SOOOO good.

May 16 - My daughter took this shot. We never get the three cats in one shot!

May 17 - Goddess art makes me happy.

May 18 - My new S'More filler!

May 19 - I am in love with the colors of this photo.

May 20 - Oh that Sky!

May 21 - Our newest photo accessory makes the perfect monocle.

May 22 - I only took photos of my class today and unfortunately I cannot post them.

May 23 - My deck is ready and we cannot wait to see it in full bloom.

May 24 - We were all taking photos of things on the deck. My husband grabbing a photo of his beer.

May 25 - Our new oasis. This is where we will be spending a lot of our time this Summer.

May 26 - OMG...I found this little guy at Rite Aid and I love him so much. Look at that adorable face being so happy to be around the purple flowers.

May 27 -  Jinxy...that's it!

May 28 - I took photos of my class on the playground unfortunately I cannot post them.

May 29- Just an ugly bug at the playground but those eyes!

May 30- not a single photo was taken. WHYYYY!

May 31 - Semi Formal photo of my girl were hard to choose from. How could I pick just one? Maybe it needs it's own post. I do this for me as a way of remembering life and writing for the kids soooo perhaps but for now...this one of my girl is love.

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