Saturday, July 06, 2019

My Life In Pics - April 17 - April 24

April 17 - My kids and I went on an impromptu ride to check out some parks that we have never gone to. This was not part of the plan but turned out being a pretty nice place to walk around.

April 18 - Another of my favorites from Goddess

April 19 - These babies bunnies found while a friend was mowing his lawn were too cute.

April 20 - My husband is a handy dude and is creating a border for a front garden area.

April 21 - Easter Basket being inspected by Jinxy! I think he approved.

April 22 - Goddess' latest ages up one of her OCs (Original Characters).

April 23 - I am dying to change the color of my hair to purple or blue but am not interested in bleaching. Maybe one day.

April 24 - This shy girl at a dinner for being part of a Leadership program. She was the only one who didn't make a speech and while I was sad about it I was happy to not have to stay one more moment. It was a LONG dinner.

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