Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Children's Books On My Radar From Scholastic

Hearts of Ice by Adi Rule

Evangeline has been lonely her whole life. Her mother rarely lets her play outside . . . especially not when it's snowing. It's almost as if she wants to hide her daughter from the world.

For as long as she can remember, Evangeline has felt someone missing, like a best friend who moved away, or an imaginary friend she's forgotten. She knows it sounds crazy, but the thought has always given her comfort-the idea that there's someone waiting for her, looking for her. Someone who cares about her.

On her birthday, Evangeline finds her window has blown open, and her room is full of snow. There's a message written in the frost. One word.


The 411:

I think this book would benefit from a different cover. Not that the graphic isn't wonderful because it is but it makes it feel more like a book for elementary school kids which could turn off some Middle School readers.

The story of Evangeline really spoke to me from the very first paragraph. "There was always an empty seat oon the school bus next to Evangeline Reynolds. It wasn't because she was mean, or had a frightening appearance, or because she ooze poison from her pores like an Australian cane toad. No Evangeline was a kind, plain-looking person with run of the mill pores, which people would have found out if they got to know her. She was never around long enough."

Evangeline and her mom move a lot! She is always the new kid and oddly enough snow seems to appear whenever she is upset, worried, or excited.

Everything changes when Evangeline finds a forgotten box and a photo of her mom wearing a beautiful icy-blue gown, smiling and standing in a snow. Strange! Her mother hates snow. Odd yes but more interesting is the message that appears in her bedroom mirror, like someone is writing it from the other side.  If that isn't strange enough, life changes and will never be the same when Evangeline slips through the mirror and runs into Sir Paw On Thrown who thinks she is Princess Desdemona.

The perfect read for kids who love mystery, science fiction and wonderment. I loved it and I think kids will too. Without giving too much away, Evangeline's life has been a lie and nothing will ever be the same. Think Frozen, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Alice in Wonderland. It was a great read.

Big Cats by Nic Bishop

Sibert Medalist and naturalist Nic Bishop gives readers a closer look at big cats!

With grace, guile, and unstoppable power, big cats are admired for their speed and strength. Although they are related to house cats, these magnificent creatures are nothing like our pets! 

With breathtaking full-page images, Sibert Medal-winning photographer Nic Bishop introduces readers to a variety of beautiful and stealthy big cats. The simple, engaging text presents both basic information and captivating details about the appearance, habits, and remarkable abilities of these amazing felines. An index and glossary are included, along with an author's note detailing his research and the fun stories behind the photographs.

I love the full color photos of this book. My family has 3 cats so we are definitely cat people and loved looking at all the lions, snow leopards, tigers and more.

They are gorgeous and there is so much information even if you just love house cats. Did you know cats have a wonderful sense of smell and communicate by rubbing it's head on something. They literally communicate with scent glades on their bodes.

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Two Tough Trucks by Corey Rosen Schwartz (Author), Rebecca J. Gomez  (Author), Hilary Leung (Illustration)

Two trucks off to school for their first day of class. One riding the brakes. One hitting the gas.

Mack and Rig couldn't be more different.
One loves the fast lane. The other, the off-ramp.

But when they're forced to pair up on their first day of school, can Mack and Rig figure out a way to get along and learn what it really means to be a tough truck?

Get ready to vroom and zoom your way to fun and friendship with these two lovable and tough trucks!

OMG so cute. One Mack and One Rig are teamed up on their first day of school. One problem they don't really get along but will have to figure out a way as they are paired up. I think kids will love the change of characters as well as learning how to get along with a classmate and make your differences work for you.

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