Tuesday, July 16, 2019

5 Gift Ideas for Blind Children

If you are looking for the perfect birthday present for a special child in your life who is blind, you’ve come to the right place. Paired with braille birthday cards, any child would love one of the following gifts.

Bop It

Originally created in 1996, Bop It is an electronic game that requires the player to follow a set of commands to interact with the device by completing actions such as pulling, shaking, or spinning different parts. There are many different versions of this game that have come out since the original Bop It, and it can be played with one or more players.


For children who love music, an instrument of any kind makes a great gift. The child will need the help of a music teacher or adult familiar with the instrument to learn how to play. Additionally, there are many braille music books available you can add.

Bell or Rattle Balls

Playing popular sports such as soccer or football is possible for blind children with modified athletic balls that include bells or rattles inside the ball. While these balls look and feel the same as normal balls, the sound they give off makes it easier for blind children to locate them as they play.

Building Toys                   

Building toys like Lego blocks are a great gift for blind children since they require a lot of sensory play. Lego has even created braille bricks that help children and adults to easily learn braille through play.
Braille Book
Braille literacy has consistently dropped among students in the United States. A great way to help encourage a child you know better their braille reading skills and enjoy independent reading is to give them a braille book as a present.  

Raised Line Painting Book

For blind children who love art, raised line painting books features images children can feel and easily paint within the lines. These work great paired with a braille paint set.     

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