Friday, March 08, 2019

Three Tips for Dressing Your Toddler Boy

For you Mom

There are tons of people who love dressing little girls in ballerina outfits and princess crowns. However, mothers of boys understand how much fun it can be to dress little boys. The only drawback is that there are more clothes made for little girls. However, those adorable toddler boy outfits exist. As a mom or auntie of a little boy, you have the power to make your little one look his best. Consider the following ways you can make this happen in an effortless manner.

1. Plan the outfits in advance. Take a look at the weather. Once you're clear about the potential weather forecast for the week, start to pull together outfit choices. You can hang them up together. This helps you because once the outfits are planned, all you'll need to do is lay out the outfit for the next day without effort. You can also do this same practice for your other children as well as yourself.

2. Mix high-end and low-end options. If you have the financial margin to purchase high-end toddler clothing. That's amazing. However, it's great to mix the two. It's okay to splurge on a pair of boys leather shoes. Once your little boy grows out of them, you can frame them and hang them as artwork. He'll be able to appreciate how little his feet once were. It's also a great idea to visit the local thrift stores so that you can purchase universal pieces like jeans, trendy t-shirts and cozy sweaters. As you become well-versed with the online retailers, you can take advantage of various sales and discounts they might offer.

3. Maintain cleanliness. Cleanliness is so important when you're dealing with a little boy and his clothing. Boys love to jump, crawl and play in the dirt. This increases the chances of worn-out clothing. This is why you'll want to be intentional about cleaning his garments on a consistent basis. When his shoes get scuffed up, it doesn't take much to clean them up. Once he goes down for bed, find a great cleaning solution. Spray the solution on the shoes, grab a scrub brush and get rid of the dirt.

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