Friday, March 15, 2019

Shopping Made Easy with Clever Made Totes

Shopping today was so easy with my new @clever_made totes. From cart, to car, to kitchen then cat hideaway they are amazing. Now to collapse them so I can put them back in the car so the cats don’t take them as their own.

Oh man...I am in love with these tote bags. They not only look nice and allow us to organize the cart but are easy to carry when full of groceries or other things AND they fold flat. 

My grocery store is going to do away with plastic bags the end of this year and I have been hearing more stores are doing this too. You will be charged per bag so bringing bags with you are going to be necessary. Soooo we may as well all get use to bringing them now. AND...I have a friend who keeps her daughter's sports gear in her trunk stored in these Clever Made Totes. She says it keeps everything organized and they just take them out and carry them to the field and when she needs to empty the trunk for non sport events, she simply picks up a bag instead of collecting things piece by piece. It makes total sense. 
From the company that brings you smarter products for easier living, CleverMade has a range of Collapsible Totes that are sturdy, stylish, convenient AND friendly on the environment.  These genius products are always available at but starting in April, you can pick up the Eco-Basket at select Walmart stores or grab the stylish navy striped SnapBasket Luxe Tote available at most Target Stores. Transport 25 pounds of your favorite goods, groceries and gear then collapse it flat to less than 1.5 inches to store in your trunk or home with ease! 

With versatility in mind, CleverMade Totes open and close hassle free with built-in patented SnapHinge™ technology. Unlike reusable bags of similar design, these totes are structured to be flop-free, meaning your life isn’t about to spill over in a time-consuming mess. Not only are the CleverMade totes perfect for shopping they are great for everyday use, from the office to the gym and any errand in between.

·       EcoBasket is a reusable, collapsible tote that is friendly on the environment and your wallet
·       Transport up to 25 pounds of your favorite goods, groceries and gear
·       Two ways to carry: adjustable, removable shoulder strap for heavy loads and top handles for lighter loads
·       Folds down flat to less than 1.5" and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap™
·       EcoBasket has been engineered to be eco-nomical, while still offering the same easy snap open design and sleek storage as our SnapBasket

·       SnapBasket is a durable, fully folding, carry-all for transporting your goods, groceries and gear
·       Simply snap open and load up the SnapBasket for easy toting
·       Folds down flat to less than 1.5" and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap™
·       Flop-free structured design means no more spilled groceries
·       Durable tote hauls 30 liters and up to 30 pounds

·       Chic, stylish and sturdy on-the-go tote
·       SnapBasket LUXE is a collapsible yet durable, fully folding, carry-all, perfect for anyone on the go
·       Great for toting your belongings to work, your gear to yoga class or everyday errands
·       Heavy-duty canvas tote with vegan leather handles hauls up to 30 pounds
·       Simply snap open and load up the SnapBasket LUXE for easy toting
·       Folds down flat to less than 1.5" and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap™

This year, getting socially conscious has never been easier with CleverMade’s smart design that combines eco-friendly packing, transport, and storage, to simplify shopping trips 
and day-to-day tasks.
  • When we shop it use to take us 10 trips from the car to the house. Now it takes us one. We each take a bag. 
  • The bags are stylish
  • They have many uses
  • They collapse flat so you can fit them anywhere when not in use.
  • They are cat approved

If you don't collapse them quickly when emptied the cats take over. 

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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