Monday, March 04, 2019

"No Filters Can Help Us Now" - Motel Mist A Review VOD/iTunes/DVD - April 9th

In an unusual motel on the outskirts of Bangkok, four lives intertwine and change forever. A father with kinky and somewhat dangerous sexual fetishes brings his latest partner, a school girl, to his custom-made erotic chamber in Room 7. A former child actor in the midst of wild media speculations checks into Room 5, hiding from the aliens he believes are out to get him. Throw into the mix a motel staffer determined to start a new, and a beautiful vixen determined to save her friend from a deadly sexual fantasy life by any means necessary. Motel Mist, and the mysterious powers behind the hotel, have opened for business. 

The 411:

Okay! Okay! The creep factor is extremely high in this film and the director  really goes for it with angles, lighting and the use of background action. The creep laying on the floor in the tiny pleather shirts and coat taking snapshots of a girl being completely humiliated with a gag and strapped down was beyond creepester. 

While the movie has a few storylines going on at one time. I was more focused on the vendetta one and feel that was the only one that had some closure to it. 

While I am not sure if the movie was meant to be exotic, creepy, horrifying, seductive, enticing or just hokey but it was all of that. 

My favorite character is the little girl who sits in a chair in the parking lot the whole time with fun glasses on for most of the movie. 

What You need to know:

The movie has subtitles. 
You will enjoy if you are into different, foreign films that you may not understand 

Warning: This could trigger emotions in certain individuals. Also, sexual situations and visuals. 

MOTEL MIST will be available on DVD and VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, and FandangoNOW. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary screener copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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