Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Six Survival Tips When Going Cross Country with Kids

Cross country car journeys can stretch over several hours. When you have tired and argumentative kids in the car with you, those hours might seem like days. These five superb tips for going cross country with the kids will make every journey go smoothly. 

1. Use Audiobooks to keep everyone amused

Keeping your kids enthralled in a story for a couple of hours is a great way to get a large leg of your journey completed without any fuss. Listening to music can be good, too, but whereas your kids might be tempted to sing along raucously to music,
a thrilling audiobook requires total silence from its listeners. Bliss. 

2. Make the journey fun

If you are clearly dreading the journey and see it as a boring chore to do before you can arrive at your destination, your kids will pick up on that. Instead, make the journey fun by getting excited about landmarks that you will see on the way and encouraging your kids to take photos, and enjoy the passing scenery. Get them bit by the travel bug.

3. Get out of the car every couple of hours

Stopping for a picnic or to explore a beautiful little town on the way is such a wonderful strategy to break up a journey. You may feel the urge to reach your destination and try to rush as long as your gas can take you. Nevertheless, ensuring that everyone gets out of the car and stretches their legs will make the journey much more enjoyable.

4. Bring snacks

Every parent knows that one of the main reasons that kids get cranky is because they are hungry. Keeping your car well-stocked with their favorite snacks will make the journey much more of an adventure. Stopping off somewhere nice for lunch is also a great idea. Try some food that you never could enjoy at home, and your kids will see the value in taking a long journey.

5. Be flexible

As all parents are well aware, implementing a rigid schedule when you have kids tends to be troublesome as they would never understand its importance. When things do not go as planned, everyone gets stressed. Avoid this issue by keeping your schedule flexible. Rather than saying, for instance, 'we must be at point X in our journey by 3pm today', relax a little. Have a contingency plan. If you do not make as much headway as you thought you would on the first day of your trip, for instance, what's the harm in booking a motel or going slightly off course so that everyone can stay in one of your friends' or family members' houses for the night? Even better, pass a night or two at a rental property. You can easily find the best condos for rent at property finders such as Zipmatch on your smartphone by checking out their overall ranking scores.

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