Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Perfect First "Scary" Bedtime Story For Kids by Bethanie Murguia #scholastic

Grace wants Papa to tell her a scary bedtime story... but her little brother Walter doesn't want it to be TOO scary! So as Papa invents the story of two children out for a walk in the woods, Grace and Walter take turns correcting him. But when darkness falls, a shadow looms, and footsteps follow the children all the way home, will the siblings triumph over the too-scary story?

The 411:

I love this book. It is absolutely the perfect book for kids who say they want a "scary story." When my daughter was 3-6 she loved the idea of scary. Not sure where it came from but she talked about wanting to hear a scary story all the time. I never read her one because she didn't really want one and I knew that. She was already in my bed every night and I couldn't imagine I would ever be able to get her in her bed after a "scary" story. I would have loved this book for her.

Grace and her brother Walter want their Papa to read them a bedtime story and Grace wants it scary but Walter doesn't want it Too Scary!

The story takes Grace and her Brother into the woods and along the way they insert their ideas which helps Daddy tell one that isn't Too scary for Walter and his "brave" sister.

Absolutely adorable with awesome, sweet illustrations even on the "scary" pages.

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  1. i think my school age grandkids would love this,,but not the toddlers,it would scare them more,,but its a cute book


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