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The Fearless Path Book and Accompanying CD For A Relaxing Emotional Workout With Leah Guy

The Fearless Path" offers profound insights and practical exercises for emotional healing and spiritual growth. The book debunks the myth of “letting go” explaining how this approach creates more problems than it solves. Disconnection is the root of all fear and fear is what keeps us stuck. Be inspired by real stories, meditations and creative practices such as “Emotional Workouts” to help you awaken to self-love and inner peace. The Fearless Path offers a new approach, helping you transform fear into freedom. 

Leah Guy believes that disconnection is the root of all fear, and the attempt at letting go causes more problems than it solves. Debunking the myth of detachment and other popular New Age ideologies, she emphasizes that there’s no escapism in emotional healing. Rather, the process is about putting the personal pieces of your heart, mind, and soul back together again. The Fearless Path offers a radical approach that will heal trauma, fear, heartache, and mental and physical health.
Overcoming anxiety, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and addiction using the principles in this book, Leah has spent her life helping others find relief and freedom from personal afflictions.
What are Chakras?

There's a lot of talk about chakras and just as many misconceptions.
Chakras are simply energy vortexes that correspond to your body and energy
that you are emitting. We've come to learn that chakras govern different
parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

How Important are Chakras to my health?

Many people are going for chakra healing and chakra readings. Leah Guy offers
these services as well. It's important to note, however, that opening and
clearing energy in the chakras is only a supportive means to health. It
does not correct an issue at large. For example, if you have trouble
speaking your truth, clearing and opening the energy around the throat
chakra will support and be helpful on the journey of healing and helping
you reach your goals. But likely a person will need to incorporate many
personal habits and work on deeper issues such as shame or guilt to be
able to freely express oneself. The body (and energy) is a holistic
machine and the chakras are one aspect that needs attention, but not the
only part!

How to Keep Chakras Open?

A person can generally tell when they feel "stuck" or out of balance. You
often hear people say they feel "out of sorts" or "ungrounded." These are
signs that imbalance in the energy and emotional bodies is present. To
stay open and fluid is to learn how to process information, energy and
emotions on a daily basis. In my book I offer "Emotional Workouts" that
help do just that. There are also supplemental tools like crystals and
oils that can assist and Leah is happy to talk about that.

What do I do if I have a "toxic" or "bad" aura?

There's no judgement or critic in ones aura - this is a ploy of many
practitioners to try to sell you a service or healing. Don't buy! Your
aura and chakras change regularly. It's true that if there is disease or a
long-held pattern or habit, that energy shows up in the auric field, but
using holistic approaches and Emotional Workouts we can start to shift
that right away. Remember, the energy system mirrors the other aspects of
your being, so you can't fix just one, they play off of each other!

Guided Chakra Meditations for Emotional Healing; A Fearless Path to Inner

It's 74 minutes, with 7 meditations, one for each chakra. Number 6 is
actually a walking meditation. Leah uses mantras and guided visualizations to
lead the listener. All meditations are inspired from the book "The Fearless Path" in stores and 

Watch this video of Leah talking about her new book:
To Purchase:

The Guided Chakra Meditations for Emotional Healing A Fearless Path To Inner Peace
About The Author

Leah Guy is an intuitive transpersonal healer, spiritual teacher, professional speaker, and media personality. She offers wisdom from a lifetime of personal triumphs and more than 22 years helping clients transform their lives from fear and disconnection to heart-centered, soulful living. She is a sought-after inspirational speaker who has appeared on numerous television and radio shows on topics such as meditation, the mind-body connection, energy medicine, intuition, and addiction, as well as emotional and spiritual healing. Also known at The Modern Sage, she owns the Modern Sage Healing Center and product line, and A Girl Named Guy Productions, LLC. Leah lives in Jersey City, New Jersey

The 411 by Maria:

I have always loved meditations but never felt like I knew how to do it properly. This CD even with the noise of the house going on around me I was able to listen and relax with headphones on.  Leah's voice and the accompanying music are the perfect blend for her words of guided meditation. 

Each part of the CD accompanies a chapter in her book The Fearless Path going through the 7 Chakras.

Solar Plexus
Third Eye

Probably the part that really radiated with me in the book the most is where Leah explains why Letting Go is not the best advice. As someone who has lived through sexual abuse, my mother's death, my father's abandonment, and a narcissistic relationship that broke me. It broke me into millions of pieces. I had always Let It Go. It was what I had learned to survive in  my life. To accept crumbs and to just let it all go but I was just accumulating more and more hurt and feelings of inadequacy. I learned I was holding onto so much anger, fear and resentment that I was unable to fully enjoy my life and be at complete peace.  I have been divinely guided in my healing and  my relationship with my spiritual belief is so much stronger for all I have been through.

Leah really does speak to your soul and if you feel as though you constantly have a black cloud over your head it is time to do something about it. Shake off the negativity and I believe wholeheartedly that Leah can help you do that with her guided meditation and not New World but Real World no nonsense assistance you can live your best life.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.  My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a company’s description or request. I am not employed by any company I review for. No monetary compensation was received.

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