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The Stuff of Family Life by Michelle Janning

The Stuff of Family Life 
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Pages: 238Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4422-5479-4 • Hardback • May 2017 • $34.00
978-1-4422-5480-0 • eBook • May 2017 • $32.00(coming soon)

In The Stuff of Family Life Sociology Professor Michelle Janning offers a timely look at how modern society and technology shapes our relationships and our lives. Like an archaeologist studying ancient civilizations through the things they left behind, Janning excavates contemporary life through our houses and possessions, from childhood stuffed animals and security blankets to retirement homes and senior living centers.

What does where you store old love letters say about their significance? Why do adults feel out of place in their childhood bedrooms? Janning takes readers through the stages of life – from dating and marriage to parenting and aging – that are usually kept behind closed doors. From online valentines to the growing popularity of “man caves,” The Stuff of Family Life looks not only at what large demographic studies say about family dynamics but also what our lives—and the stuff in them—say about how we relate to each other.

Janning has joked, “I am not a sociologist who uses large national datasets to illustrate family life; I’m the sociologist who asks people to examine what’s in their underwear drawers and living rooms to tell stories about their family life.” Using amusing anecdotes, as well as drawing on pop culture, economics, interior design, gender studies and more, Janning combines the educational with the entertaining to make The Stuff of Family Life accessible to both casual readers and dedicated students of sociology.

About the Author: Michelle Janning is professor of sociology at Whitman College. A board member of the Council on Contemporary Families, she specializes in family and gender studies and cultural sociology. She has conducted numerous community-based projects, given keynote presentations, and performed consultancies that have given her an even deeper understanding of the everyday lives of different types of families and have afforded the opportunity to make academic research accessible to a wide audience. Her work has been published in academic sources such as the Journal of Family Issues and the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, and she has been quoted in popular media such as Women’s Health and Real Simple.

The 411:

I  am a keeper of things! Mostly things pertaining to my family life.  My parents, my childhood, and my children. Throwing away things that I feel make up who I am as a person. The photo of the dress my mother wanted me to wear at my wedding, mom's journal, love notes and cards from old boyfriends, any card or letter a friend mailed to me over the years, notes and art work from my kids. These are the things I cannot imagine ever tossing. I am less sentimental than I used to be due to life making me a bit harder than I used to be but still need to keep certain items. I was hoping this book would help me figure out a better way to deal with tossing things away in a way to downsize.  The book mostly reminded me why the things I hold onto mean so much to me. 

It was interesting to read what each piece in our home says about us and the image we are putting out there. How the way we place our furniture and many more uses the dining room table have other than just eating. Glad to see it is not just my family. 

Definitely a fascinating read. 

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