Tuesday, October 18, 2016

When Calls The Heart - Heart of A Hero

New arrivals bring excitement, love and danger to Hope Valley. Pastor Frank has been reinstated following the revelation of his criminal past, but the arrival of his old cohorts, the Garrison Gang, are making life (and his relationship with Abigail) very tense. Bill Avery has his own debt to settle with Jake Garrison, and Jack intends to stay Bill’s hand from killing the man. Meanwhile, Lee’s foot injury brings a pretty nurse, Faith Carter from Hamilton… and soon after, her possessive fiance. And Jack rises to the defense of new settlers on Gowen’s land when Gowen abruptly raises their rent.

The 411:

If you love Little House On The Prairie you will love When Calls The Heart. It is a story of drama and romance.  The characters are wonderful and if you have never watched catch up by binge watching on Netflix now. This DVD has two stories from Season 3.  

In these episodes several characters must face their fears. A young girl has to learn to let new friends in. Faith Carter an engaged nurse must make a decision on her future and Pastor Frank's old friends are making his life miserable and Bill must do the right thing just to name a few.  

I personally love When Calls The Heart and mention it whenever someone mentions needing a new show to watch. 

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