Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Family Night Suggestion - Top That Game

Top That! is a magical match-up themed after everyone's favorite act! You and your opponents race to stack your magician’s tools according to the images on the challenge card. But the real magic happens when the images are painted in gray or dazzled in stars! If an item appears gray on the card, it must be hidden inside another prop, and if the item is surrounded in stars it must be empty for the grand magical reveal. Use sleight of hand to stack fast and wow the crowd with the final magic act!

The 411:
We received Top That from Blue Orange Games and have played it at least 25 times. Whenever my daughter's friends come over they insist on this one to start their time here and my daughter and I have gotten so good at this game we have started counting aloud to 5 after turning over the card to see which one of us is the winner.  

To Play you take the deck of cards and place in the middle. 

Give each person (up to 4 players) a set of props which includes a black top hat, white bunny, coin and a red and yellow cylinder. 

 Once you turn the top card over everyone races to see who can stack your props to match the card. 

If an object is grey it must be hidden inside the stack but if the object is missing it must not be included in the stack. 

It is a fun game great for problem solving, visual perception, fine motor skills, increasing processing speed, focus and attention.  

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