Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun With My Kids At Spirit Halloween Store

The kids and I headed to Spirit Halloween Store for some fun and high jinks and it ended in some tears.

My baby holding this baby!

This little guy swings

Scary and creepy

Coolest set up ever

I love Halloween Decorations
So many skulls

If I had space I would buy this

One of my favorites of the Day! My son holding this American Horror Story Clown Head and his face!
The pen moved on it's own. So cool
She was so excited at some spots but horrified at others. She looks uncomfortable walking through the masks
My son was having the absolute best time

It was all fun and games until my son put on this mask and came over to talk to me. My daughter grabbed me, started shaking and was literally sobbing. At first I thought she was kidding but a quick glance at her face told me that she was not. She was hysterical and it lasted quite a long time. I was getting those sly, sympathetic looks from other moms with even younger daughters. I find it so crazy especially since my girl loves Halloween. Oh well...she isn't the first person to ever fear clowns.


  1. Definitely would not be favorite place to visit. However, the younger generation loves it.

  2. This is totally awesome! Looks like a great time!

  3. Your daughter's reaction is why I won't take my two girls anywhere near that store but man, I would love to go! Looks awesome!


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