Monday, January 19, 2015

My Journal, Some Dirty Chai Tea And A Call From A Loved One Is All I Need In The Morning

I have kept a journal since receiving a Holly Hobbie mini diary on my 9th birthday. At 48 my diaries have changed over the years and now they are just spiral bound journals I find on sale. This one was in a clearance rack for 89 cents a few years ago.

Friday I had a doc appointment which meant a long wait. Not just at the doctor's office but since it was scheduled after the kids school drop off time, I just headed into town as soon as I dropped them off. I don't like to do back tracking so this is totally normal for me. Why head home just to have to head out again.

I always carry my journal so when I stopped at a cafe I grabbed it from my bag and headed in.

My favorite drink here is an expensive Dirty Chai Tea which is Chai Tea with Expresso and runs about $5.00 but is so delish. Since I only head into this town a few times a year it is a treat I allow myself.

I snagged a table by the door after placing my order and when the waitress brought over my drink my phone rang. It was my sister who I never get to talk to enough. We chatted the whole time while I looked at my journal and drank my tea. It was worth it and I can write in my journal any time.

Parking Meter - 50 centers
Dirty Chai Tea - $4.97

Talking to my sister - Priceless


  1. Hi Maria,

    What a super special morning you had! (and you're smart enough to "go for it.")

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. A great morning! I like to plan my errands and such too! Otherwise I am tired from running back and forth! A nice share. Enjoy your week and keee journaling.


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