Sunday, January 11, 2015

Good Earth Is SWEET #Goodearthbeauty

I've used Good Earth Beauty products before and love them! Good Earth Beauty is a natural online beauty and grooming retailer that sells products that are not tested on animals which is important to so many of us.

The last time I wrote about Good Earth Beauty was in October when I showed off and gave away some autumn inspired beauty products. 

I've ordered many times from Good Earth over the past year but the product I order most is their bug repellent, Bug Mist! I swear by this product and feel confident wearing it and I know for a fact it works better than any other bug spray I have ever used.    

Right before Christmas, Good Earth sent me three new products to try.

First, the Milk Chocolate Lip Balm

The container is silver with a sweet, with the sweet whimsical sticker. The smell of chocolate is definite. You know exactly what it is the moment you open it. A finger swirled around the balm and applied to your lip for kissable, soft lips especially during these cold months AND it's all natural! 

They also have balms in white chocolate, bubblegum, cherry vanilla, and more.

Next is the Chocolate Lip Scrub

This sugar scrub with it's natural ingredients are amazing for your lips. Getting my daughter to STOP using it is the biggest problem. Who could blame her. I have used it every day since receiving and LOVE it.  I dip my finger in (a little goes a long way) and swipe back and forth. The best part is if you lick it, there are no chemicals that are harmful so I feel comfortable letting my daughter use it without assistance.

Lastly I received a perfume that smells like my favorite drink. The Pumpkin Chai perfume is simply pretty and lasts all day. A little roll on my wrists and inside my elbow and I am good to go. I love smelling like food!

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