Thursday, November 20, 2014

Morris the Cat, The World's First Most Famous Finicky Feline #morrisapproved 9Lives Gift Box Giveaway

Way before Grumpy Cat there was a sweet kitty that we all loved called Morris! If you're unfamiliar with Morris, he was the original celebrity cat--starring in 50+ TV commercials and even running for President in 1988. 

Way before my kids there was Sandi. I loved my first daughter who was a gorgeous blue-cream Persian. She loved her 9 Lives as did Morris who eagerly ran over to his bowl of food in every commercial from as far back as I can remember.

Here's Sandi and I in 2002. I was pregnant with Handsome at the time. I miss that girl sometimes. Isn't she a beauty?

Here is a vintage Morris video from 1972

Here is the latest Morris who is wearing the latest in cat eye wear. Now we can get the purrfect view point of our finicky, furry, friends by heading to 9Lives Cat's Eye View. See what Morris thinks as he walks around and observes his surroundings.

Keep up with this witty, fun kitty at:

9Lives and Morris would love to give a prize pack to another furry feline. Please enter below for your chance to win a Morris Approved Gift Box containing 9Lives Lean & Tasty dry food.


Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received. I received a gift box just like the one in the photo.


  1. My cats, Lenny and Squiggy, are just about a year old and seem to like just about anything they have tried. We haven't tried 9Lives, yet
    Mary Beth Elderon

  2. My cat's name is Ruby June and honestly she likes anything. She loves ice cream so sometimes I give her just a tiny spoonful.

  3. My fiance' would LOVE the Limited Edition Walking DVD Season 2 DVD Limited Edition with case

  4. My cats name is Tao, she loves Meow Mix tender filets.

  5. My cats' names are Bubba, Little, Chester and Ryder. Their favorite food is any flavor of Fancy Feast.

  6. My cats name is Chuck and he loves dry food.

  7. My cat's name is Gemini and she has always been fed dried food. She is now 16 or 17 years old.

  8. Baby Kitty loves anything but I normally feed her dry food.

  9. We have four cats Noel, Mandy, Fergie and Bella they love any wet food they can get their paws on.

  10. My boys are Smokey, Chesney, Gandolfini,Jakey, Halloween, and they prefer wet food over dry..Fancy Feast is their preferred, but with 5 it can go in spurts

  11. I love The Man Crate from your Holiday Gift Guide!

  12. I have two kitties, Sam and Little Babies. They both eat Cat Chow Gentle Formula, but they love their Friskies Pate!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  13. My kitty is named Boots, he is black with the white socks.

  14. Our daughter's cats are named Lillian and Audrey. They usually eat dry Hill's Science Diet.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  15. My kitty Muffin likes Fancy Feast. Lisa L tylerpants(at)


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