Sunday, November 23, 2014

Are You Ready For The Cold and Flu Season?

Thanks to Smiley we received a box containing the first product for our medicine cabinet of the season. With two kids and one job in a school we end up with all kinds of colds. I can already hear it in my kids with the coughing and sneezing starting already. It is anyone's guess when it will be hitting us full force but being prepared is half the battle.

Did you know that most kids will have between 6-8 colds a year? Dimetapp® is a trusted and effective cough, cold & allergy products for children, helping them feel better, fast. Dimetapp® products come in a great grape taste which means kids are more willing to take the medicine without a fight. Since this medicine has been trusted by moms like me for nearly 30 years, I am confident that we are ready for whatever cold follows us home this year.

Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough provides relief from these symptoms:
- Cough
- Stuffy Nose
- Runny Nose
- Sneezing
- Itchy, Watery Eyes

So far my kids have not needed it but as soon as they do, I am equipped with a fast acting medicine they love.

Do not use in children under age 6.

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Please remember it is important to read all product information before using.

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