Monday, November 10, 2014

Wrong Turn 6 Is A Blood Soaked, Cannabolistic Romp #FoxHomeEnt #20thcenturyfox

Wrong Turn 6

A trip to a resort transforms into a blood-soaked killing spree when Three Finger and his clan of hillbilly cannibals begin brutally murdering a group of young friends one by one. 

We have our first murder 8 minutes into the movie. A nasty, bloody ouch, close my eyes kill that has me squirming in my seat.

Some dude name Danny has received notice that he has inherited a long forgotten resort in the hills called Hobbs Springs.  He and his girlfriend take the ride to check it out. The resort is a sprawling place which has guests and appears to be a wonderful place for people to check in.  It also appears after a while that guests don't ever check out as we witness when one of the elderly, rich woman meets her demise thanks to the crazy three brothers from the last 5 movies.

Hobbs Springs has been taken care of by Jackson and Sally who are excited to meet Danny and his friends. They are after all family.

Like the last few movies, Wrong Turn 6 is not short on bloody scenes or innards. There were some weird moments like the cloaked brothers who circle a sex chair in a viewing station obviously made for watching the blood line continuing.

I can't wait for #7.

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was offered for my  honest opinion.

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