Thursday, November 20, 2014

Great Book For Kids About Friendship: The Best Friend Battle by Lindsay Eyre


"Funny and human and clever and wise. I really, really like this sparkling, racing, hilarious little gem." -- Hilary McKay, author of SAFFY'S ANGEL and BINNY IN SECRET

Sylvie Scruggs doesn't like Georgie Diaz. He always calls her Scruggs. He always beats her in baseball. He didn't invite her to his party. Plus, he's a boy.

Now Georgie is trying to steal Sylvie's best friend, Miranda Tan. He's giving Miranda a super-special birthday present, so Sylvie will too -- only her present will be ten times better. With the help of her twin brothers, a ferret, a castle, and some glitter glue, Sylvie sets out to make Miranda remember who her REAL best friend is, and forget about Georgie forever.

"Two words: Sylvie Scruggs. Two more words: LOVE HER! Eyre nails it with this new kid on the block. (And here's a challenge: I dare you not to laugh out loud)." -- Barbara O'Connor, author of HOW TO STEAL A DOG and THE FANTASTIC SECRET OF OWEN JESTER

The 411:

I've been working in a school for two years and see how friendships grow, change, and evolve over time. It is sometimes hard to share a friend and navigating those waters can make or break a friendship. The Best Friend Battle reminds me of one of my own battles from my childhood.   I love how the author Lindsay Eyre used humor to keep kids interested in the story. Sylvie and Miranda are like every little girl I know. I loved reading about their friendship, how it changed and how they worked things out. Definitely a book for little girls! LOVED it!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.

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