Sunday, November 23, 2014

Get The Kids Away From The TV With Some Fun Activities

I love activities that get my kids away from anything plugged in. These days they are obsessed with some computer games and spend way too much time on them so anytime I can get them out of the seat and can see their face and not the back of their head I am a happy mom. This book has so many awesome activities that truly are easy and fun. We haven't been able to pick up the supplies we need to do them and I don't want to wait to tell you about this book anymore. Most of the ingredients you guys probably have at home but since I haven't been doing the grocery shopping these days (my husband took over for a little while) I don't always have what I need (it is time to make a better shopping list).

What we really love about this book is that each recipe has color photos, and an easy ingredient list. We really appreciate that all the recipes can be used with little ones as young as 1. Want to finger paint with the baby? No problem!


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