Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keep Your Kids Lice Free At Summer Camp This Year @fairytalesinc

The 411: 
While my kids are not at camp, I know a ton of kids who do go. We have been lucky so far but luck does eventually run out. Every September that dreaded letter goes out that lice was found in the school and we do our best to take precautions and have been using Fairytale Hair Care products since 2011 to prevent and repel lice from even wanting to infest my kid's head! Hopefully! I don't know what I would do if I found lice. I cringe at the thought.

We have been using and recommending to all our friends and this is what we can tell you. The products smell good! We love using them and so far, knock on wood, things have worked out for us.

The products are safe to use daily and contain Rosemary and citronella oils both proven to effectively and safely repel lice without harsh, unsafe chemicals. 


  1. I think all my grandchildren have had the letters sent home where lice has been found in their classroom. I remember years ago when my kids were young, my daughter picked it up a few days AFTER a head check of everyone. She told me they had gone through their hair with their fingers which is how i believe she and others picked it up. May have gotten in the nails and passed one. I was so upset and took me forever cleaning to get rid of this. It is great they have products like this out now

  2. I have used a product similar to this before and it worked wonders keeping lice away during ball season--no matter what you say, a helmet or ball cap eventually gets shared with other teammates. I would love to try this product, but hope I don't ever have to!

  3. I will have to try this product as i fear my kids getting head lice!


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