Monday, July 07, 2014

Fire Cracker Fire Cracker Boom Boom Boom

Does anyone remember that silly cheer?

"Fire Cracker, Fire Cracker Boom Boom Boom, Fire Cracker, Fire Cracker Boom Boom Boom
Boys got the muscles, teachers got the brains, girls got the sexy legs so we win the game."

I remember when I was a kid doing this with inappropriate gestures like shaky my butt and running my hands up my legs. My sisters and I were about 8 or 9 years old shaking out little butts and kicking our "sexy" legs. Ugh...I think about it now and it makes me ill. Why can't girls have the brains and the muscles too? Hell, I KNOW for a fact I am way stronger than any muscle bound guy. I can handle way more in life while maintaining my dignity, wearing a poker face and not falling apart until it is dark and I am in my bed where the kids won't see my tears.Woman are just stronger. We don't fall to our knees because life has thrown us a curve ball. We raise up our glove, do our best to catch the ball and walk off the field with our head held high because there will always be a chance to do better. The next time I will land that ball! 

Nothing in my life has brought me to my knees. I bend but don't break and I will keep on getting stronger. these fireworks from over the weekend, my beauty and strength grows after I am pushed. So go ahead life keep pushing because I get stronger every day and one day I will be able to simply let go and not look back at all the sadness I feel right now.  Until I am strong enough I will maintain my brave face and silently deal because one day,  I will smile knowing I kicked ass.

These are just some shots with my iPhone. This weekend I decided at the last minute to go with the family to see the fireworks and I was so happy I did!

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