Monday, July 14, 2014

How Our Vacation At Great Wolf Lodge Ended With Us Making A Trip To The ER Moments After Getting Into Our Driveway

They say accidents are usually 5 minutes from home yet this one happened in our driveaway.

No it's not a life threatening accident. No we didn't catch something or nearly drown at Great Wolf Lodge. Our vacation was awesome. This was our second trip to Great Wolf Lodge in PA and we had a great time! It is a great place for families with kids of all ages and we had a blast. Even more so then last time because the kids are older and we were able to spend more time on slides and even leave one to do his own thing for a while. Best place ever and every family should go at least once.

Handsome and Goddess were sad that we didn't do a theme room like last time but this time they got two nights instead of one.

On the first night their dad/Teach brought them stuffed animals and took them to the arcade.  Goddess and I walked around together after she was done spending all her points on games and took some selfies.

They were so excited when we got back to our room after our amazing breakfast at The Loose Moose Cottage (AKA best breakfast place ever according to my kids) and saw the beds were made with their stuffies sitting on their appropriate beds. How did they know? I have no idea but it made us all smile.

Handsome and I were up before Goddess and Teach so we headed to the deck (every room has one) to get some reading in.

And enjoyed the beautiful scenery before heading to the park for the day.

On the second night there were some fireworks in the distance that I enjoyed alone because for some reason everyone but I wanted to eat.  I couldn't fit anything else. There are some photos from my "real" camera but the iPhone photos are already on my computer so I am going with these.

On the last day we headed to breakfast and then to the water park for two hours. Back to the room for showers before hitting the shops and road again. Goddess took a nap pretty quickly and we it only took us about an hour and ten to get home.

After a large ice coffee from Starbucks I saw the driveway, opened my seat belt and told everyone I had to go pee so bad that my eyes were probably yellow. I raced for the house but not before hearing Teach tell the kids to not go in empty handed.

From the bathroom I heard the car alarm go off TWICE. I heard Teach say "OK, OK". I heard him say "What happened" very calmly. Then as I was leaving the bathroom I heard, "What? OK OK...Maria."  I met him at the top of the stairs carrying a crying Goddess. Not only crying. CRYING!

I need to access. I need to see but he is walking with her and heads to the bedroom telling me she closed her finger in the door and to get ice. I run out to get ice but I really need to see her. I NEED to.
He sends me back for more ice as he is hold, shhhhing her and saying, "yes, I know it hurts. Yes it will. Calm down. Shhhhhh...I give him the ice but I NEED to HOLD her. I NEED to SEE her. He sends me out for Tylenol. I run out. I get back and give her a spoon full and run for water. He is still holding but I NEED to hold her. I need to ACCESS the situation. Everyone seems crazy and I want to do something.

Her finger is all kinds of colors. The alarm was her trying to open the door to release her finger. My mommy guilt is at an all time high and I NEED HER. I say, "can I have her. I want to hold her." She puts out her arms and he hands her to me.

I hold her, he leaves and I say Mommy's here. She says it hurts so bad. I tell her to lie back. She does. She's hot. She's cold. She isn't breathing properly. I need her to calm down so we can talk. She says she can't but I ask her to breath with me. Deep breaths in and hold and out. She can't, she is in too much pain.

My baby! My little baby. She was hurt and I was not there. The car alarms going off were here trying to release her finger. My poor little girl.

Teach comes in and together we decide hospital visit. She says she doesn't want to go and that it is not broken. Teach tells her that we are not doctors, did not go to medical school and need a doctor to tell us it is not broken.

We head to the emergency walk in center about 10 minutes away. It is NOW closed on Sundays. Grrr...We head to the Emergency Room at the hospital now 35 minutes away. I am in the back holding her hand and Handsome in the front. She turns and tells me I don't have my seat belt on. I tell her I need to be able to hold her. She is fine with that.

The ER is standing room only. We wait 2 hours to see Triage. Thank God we are not bleeding. Handsome and Teach leave for home to get some things done. We are there an additional 4 hours. 6.5 Hours! That's right because that is what we needed after a nice 3 day weekend at Great Wolf.

The first photo I took 2.5 hours after getting to the hospital. A little dented, nail looks OK.

3 hours, pink starting on nail and on cuticle. At the hospital we are told she had a crushing injury.

We are waiting for x-rays. She is not happy. We are 5 hours in.

Still looking about the same but the finger is picking up more colors.

 AND now there is a black and blue on the other side.

She is waiting for the results of the X-ray and wants all our friends and family on Facebook to know she is OK. They are keeping us going with comments to our photos. She is reading every one and it makes the time go by.

Nail is turning and swelling getting worse.  We are told she has a fracture in her growth plate and the growth plate is shifted! We need to follow up with a specialist!

She is waiting for the cast to dry and 6 hours in. We are both DONE!

Today we followed up with a specialist. Because the growth plate has shifted significantly and because of her age they are recommending surgery for Friday. They will put a pin in which will stay for 4 weeks. She is not happy. I am not happy and very nervous about them putting her under but keeping faith that this is the best decision.  The doctor seems great and I am confident in my research and his abilities.

Until Friday I will hold and kiss her more knowing all will be well and we HAD a great weekend!

Ruby Tuesday


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  2. Oh no! What a crummy way to end a vacation. Best wishes and prayers for Friday :)

  3. Wow! A relaxing vacation followed by a not-so-welcome adventure at home. Incredible contrast. Great Wolf Lodge sounds like a great place.


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