Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toys That Are Fun, Entertaining and Interactive! @unclemiltontoys

We love Uncle Milton Toys. 

All of these products can be seen on this video. Although I was showing off Puppy Stars Goddess ran out of the room to grab the other products. 

Oh yeah, that's a great face!

Personally I would love Torch In My Room for myself. It looks like a flickering torch that hangs from a wooden holder with a brass ring that I easily installed on Goddess' wall. We now use this as her night light. I turn it on after saying her prayers and it automatically goes off. 

At first turning the torch on was hard for me. It has gotten easier I guess because I now know how to do it but Goddess still can't get it. It's a simple twist of the torch but it is a light touch. No pun intended.

Puppy Stars which features adorable dogs which a child can decorate after applying them to the wall. This is the best part, they come right off. Almost like a window cling. Goddess likes to copy the photo on the box but you can put these up any way you want. 

After you put the clings up you add the FX Activator which mounts easily to the wall with included hardware but I used a 3M hook that I can remove anytime. LOVE THEM!

We believe that little ones under the age of 8 will love the Wild Wall products. They have many to choose from like:

Dolphin Voyage
Shark Encounter
Safari Adventure
Sofia the First
Amazing Web Attack (Spiderman) 
and more

Here is a photo of the torch hanging in Goddess room last night.

Come on! Isn't that cute??!!

I cannot stress enough how cool these products are. My kids and I truly look for them when we are out and about and we believe your kids will love them too!

Disclaimer:  I received these two products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.


  1. Thanks for the cute video. I like how your daughter popped up in the background!!! Cute!!! Great stuff too!!

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