Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Park Babysitter Assister & My Allergy Sufferer

On Monday we had a playdate/babysitting gig so we headed to the park. With four kids it truly is the best place to be.

Whether they were sliding, swinging, skipping, singing or shouting, they all appeared to be having a good time.

Handsome hangs out with the little guy I am babysitting for. He is a sweetie and in Goddess class so they all get along for the most part.  It was nice to see these guys chatting on the swings instead of fighting over a video game.

While it wasn't a great day weatherwise, it was cool enough to keep the Mayflies away.

Goddess and her bestie have been together since they were 3 in preschool. So far they have had every class together. I think next year may be the year they are separated. I hope they both do OK.

I love how matchy matchy the girls are. They didn't plan wearing the same blue but it looks so cute. It's what besties do. keep the S's going. Here is my allergy sufferer who has had a terrible few weeks. Calls from the school nurse, a raging rash, trips to the doctor and steroid meds have been on the list of things we have to do to combat her horrific allergy season.

Here was the start of one night. There were loads of tears because she was so itchy and her eyes were hurting.

You can see the beginning of the fun rash that sent us to the doctor's office. Here it is on her face but it was pretty much all over her.

At one point she was so miserable she couldn't even ask for drops but was able to draw a pic.

After some Benedryl and the ice pack she was finally laughing at my jokes.

AND eventually feel asleep on me. She had a nice soft boob cushion so really who could blame her?

She woke up the next day and I took one look at her and knew this meant a doctor visit.

We waited, and waited, and waited....

Thankfully we had The Webkinz Chihuahua to keep us company.

She is so itchy she is leaving deep scratches all over her neck and back.

 You can really only be enthusiastic at the doctor's office for so long.

I love this one even though it is blurry. She looks so little!

She has no rash thanks to the 3 days of steroids but the eyes are still the same.  Waiting for pharmacy to get doctor prescribed eye drops.


  1. Oh dear! There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer! I do hope she feels better soon and will be back out playing with her friends.

    abcw team

  2. Awww, that looks like pure misery. I hope she has a speedy recovery!

  3. My allergies kicked in on Mother's Day (May 10). Brutal. I feel her pain!

  4. Poor baby!! Allergies make you sick. I am allergic to mosquitoes and I swell up huge and get a hard cellulitis at the spot. I had to take prednisone to get the swelling down once. It makes you feel so sick too!! Poor little thing.

  5. Oh God, your poor little daughter :( I also have some allergies and I know how it feels :( Hope she feels better soon!


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