Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Me In A Convertible With Friends

Monday I headed out for Dirty Chai Tea Latte with two girl friends. Had planned on it being a gym day but when they ask if I want to go for Dirty Chai, I don't hesitate. We met up and all jumped in Mad's super cool, black Mustang. It was cold! Really cold, I eventually ended up putting my hoodie up and I am sure the girls in the front had the heat on full blast. As cold as it was about 38 with the sun, it was beautiful. I felt completely free and relaxed.

Sitting in the parking lot of CVS waiting for the girls to get in, see how relaxed I am?

The car is just getting onto a road and we are only going about 15 miles an hour. Still smiling.

Moving along at 35 but man it was starting to get cold. I couldn't see anything. My hair was whipping my face pretty good.

Super cold, hoodie up, afraid to bring camera up because we are doing a calm 45 and I pictured it flying out the back so I snapped my girlfriends. Holding onto the phone for dear life, you can see my finger because I wasn't even paying attention to placement, just holding and freezing but best time in over a month.

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