Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Heart Hurts All The Time

I sit looking out the window hoping that I will feel a glimmer of happiness and hope that things in my life will change.

Sometimes looking at the positives even though there are tons is very hard and you feel the need to self preserve and fold in on yourself not allowing anyone in until you are ready, until you are strong enough to hear differences in opinions or words from sometimes wise, caring, good intentioned others.

Sometimes their words are harder than before they spoke and sometimes they shed a little light on your situation but only you know what you are truly going through.

Sometimes even trying to explain why you feel a certain way is too exhausting to do.

Sometime you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remember that life is full of blessings. They may not always be the ones you are hoping for but if you don't stop and see the little things, you will miss out.

Today the little things are:

A fun text from my husband
My son smiling and walking confidently into school
My computer working well and efficiently
My daughter's allergies decreasing this morning thanks to her medicine
A beautiful day outside my window with green trees, pink flowers and birds chirping
A brilliant cup of coffee
Some good stretching before breakfast

Sometimes all you should do is focus on the little things and remember that this too shall pass.


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