Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seven Ways To Bring Beach Chic To Your Home

Whether you’re hours away from the ocean or mere steps away from the scenic coastline, bring the beach inside of your home with chic, rustic, sea-inspired decor. Soothing and peaceful, here are seven ways to bring in the stylish, shabby chic beach-retreat decor:

1. Colors
Coastal living is all about beach colors: sea glass blue, stark whites, and soft yellows. The purpose is to bring the ocean-inspired tranquil feeling inside of the home. By utilizing soft, subtle colors, the home feels light, airy, and open.

Stick with light wood flooring, or spruce up your carpet with a quick Chem-Dry cleaning. The light wood brings in a rustic, cottage feeling while carpet keeps the place feeling comfortable and cozy.

2. Be Eclectic
Don’t worry about matching furniture. The charm of coastal decor is that whimsy eclectic style is not only acceptable, but is encouraged. Pick out unique furniture pieces that speak to you such as rocking chairs, printed accent chairs, and shabby chic tables like pallet coffee tables or bookshelves.

3. Interior Embellishments
Wood beams, curved arches, wood paneled walls, and wainscoting add character to the home. Those little details bring out the home’s charm and enhance your personal style.

4. Rustic Inspiration
Coastal cottages have a casual, rustic vibe. Inspire the space with warmth by adding in untreated wood, restored wood, plenty of simple white florals, and rustic touches like window shutters.

5. Textures
Like furniture, mix and match textures and patterns. Tastefully combining floral prints with burlap fabrics and woods with metals will bring about depth and visual interest into your place. Additionally, one of the best areas to bring in color and texture is with window treatments. For a classic look, choose white sheers that provide an understated elegance to the room. For a chic look, find a chevron-patterned print in either soft teal and white or grey and white, which will bring in a modern vibe that still maintains the coastal cottage’s integrity.

6. Accents
Get creative with your decor. Hunt for driftwood furniture pieces, seashell lamps, and beach-inspired decor like oars, lighthouses, and anchors. Spruce up your furniture by updating them with whimsical knobs that match the rest of your home’s decor. Personal touches bring out the individualized character of the home.

7. Windows
For those who actually live on the beach, the space itself is brightly lit, full of natural light reflecting off of the sand and sun. In order to achieve this look from anyplace it is important that the house be constructed with plenty of natural light. Update the windows in the home with large, open windows that are modeled with white molding and large windowsills. Use French doors instead of sliding doors, for the French doors and French windows offer a sleeker, summer-in-the-Hamptons feel.

When it comes to bringing the beach indoors, it’s all about personal reflection, soft colors, and eclectic touches, which can easily be done wherever your home is located.

Image Source: www.ironfishart.com

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