Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Top Ten Tips To Boost Your Home’s Security

With more than 16 percent of households experiencing a home invasion or attempted home invasion this year, most people find ensuring their home’s safety to be priority number one.

There are simple and quick preventative measures anyone can take to secure their home and keep burglars out. Here is the top 10:

1. Making Home Security Obvious
While a home security system will alert a homeowner after they have had an unwanted attempted break-in, having a sticker or sign in the yard alerting everyone who sees the home that a home security company protects the home will add extra protection.

Home security companies will suggest purchasing a sign detailing their security firm not to make more money but because research has proven that burglars are usually not willing to test a house that has a security system. Burglars are looking for a quick getaway, thus most of them will avoid a home with a security sign to save themselves from being caught.

2. Social Networking
Social media allows everyone to keep in touch with his or her long distance friends and relatives, which is a wonderful piece of technology. However, broadcasting plans over the Internet or the home’s location can lead to nefarious events from illicit burglars.

3. Outdoor Decor
When it comes to foliage around doors and windows, be sure to keep it nicely trimmed. Large and unwieldy plants provide a thief protection when attempting to break into a home while small plants leave them exposed to any passersby.

4. Protective Gate
Adding a home fence around both the front and back yards can aid in security. Tall backyard fences make it difficult for thieves to climb over, and a front yard fence, even if it is a small picket fence, make it difficult for a quick getaway.

5. Dog
These loyal animals become part of the family with their faithful and devoted personalities. Because dogs are protective of their families, even sweet family dogs can be frightening guard dogs.

6. Protect Your Kids
Most break-ins actually occur during the day when burglars assume homes are void of people. In the event your child is home alone without you during the day, it is vital they understand home safety rules.

7. Master The “Lived In Look”
When you are away from your home, don’t allow newspapers, mail, and coupons to accumulate on the driveway or front door because it is a telltale sign to burglaries that no one is home.

8. Lights
Illuminate the outside area with light. Areas that are illuminated with light will make it nearly impossible for a thief to break-in undetected.

9. Noise
When away from home, leaving the television or radio on tricks burglars into being unsure of whether the home is vacant or not.

10. Neighbors
Being friendly with your neighbors can in fact prevent theft from your home. Close-knit neighbors are more likely to call the police if they notice any type of suspicious activity.

Don’t leave your home defenseless against burglaries. Instead, take these simple precautions to protect it and your family.

Image Source: www.clearcorpsdetroit.org

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