Saturday, June 01, 2013

Morrigan - REVIEW

The 411 by Maria:

Let me start with this. I opened the book and there was a glossary of book terms. Now I know a lot of folks love this but I am not one of those folks. This immediately turns me off and I thought, this was going to end up being a chore to read. Man was I wrong.

 There are werewolves, witches, shifter, guardians, and fairies mixed into a modern tale that connects the fantasy world with the modern world complete with a love story to span the ages. That is what Morrigan was for me. Morrigan is a young girl who has been in foster care her whole life until she hears a distance voice calling her and telling her that someone was coming to guide her home. Morrigan is a Princess in another world and that world needs her back.

I have read other Laura Deluca novels like Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, and Jessica  and I think this was my favorite so far and it was the only one I was unsure I wanted to read.

There were many favorite parts of the book but mostly I loved how Laura always had me guessing, would good win over evil? Who is evil, who is good? I flip flopped so many times.

Great read. Superb fantasy.

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