Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take Care Of Your Body Odor Naturally

As my children are getting older, checking into safe deodorant has been important to me. Eventually Handsome and Goddess will need to use deodorant daily as many of my friends children are already doing so. It was only last month that I was talking to a dear friend of mine about my fears of deodorant and aluminum used in many brands. She mentioned that her 11 year old was using it already and had been. Honestly, I was surprised when she didn't seem bothered by the fact that her daughter was using a deodorant with aluminum or knew the dangers of it. While there isn't enough scientific evidence to support that aluminum causes breast cancer, there are links to other things like aluminum toxicity. If nothing else, many people do have allergic reactions to aluminum and since my kids are allergic to so many things, I have been searching out natural deodorants for them that are hypoallergenic.

I think I found one that is not only aluminum free and hypoallergenic but also works!

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal:
·         100% natural ingredients
·         no harmful aluminums or parabens
·         pharmaceutical grade mineral salts
·         #1 Dr. Recommended deodorant
·         endorsed by Dr. Melanie Bone

I love it and have been using it for 5 days now. For the past 20 years I have been saying that there is only one deodorant that works for me and have faithfully used it. It is not true! This works!

Naturally Fresh also has a Spray Mist that is the liquid version of the crystal deodorant. It is 100% natural and gentle. Handsome has some stinky feet after gym. A quick spritz in the morning and he we don't keel over when he takes off his sneakers.  He has taken it to his room and sprays his feet after his nightly shower and before putting on his socks in the morning.

My favorite product from Naturally Fresh so far has been MoistStic! It is an awesome lip balm that smells wonderful and heals my dry lip issue. Perfect to toss in my bag and take with me when I head out for the day. I reapply at least 3 times a day and love the way my lips feel. I am completely hooked.

For more information about these and other Natural products, visit http://www.naturallyfreshdeodorantcrystal.com/

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.


  1. These products sound wonderful and safe enough for my grandchildren to use. I would also like to try the lip balm.

  2. The facts about Breast Cancer and aluminum toxicity are scary! It's enough to put your off chemically produced deodorant's permanently. Given that this deodorant is made from 100% natural ingredients, I will have to give it a try. Thanks :)


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