Monday, August 20, 2012

Oraline Is Still The Prime Focus Of My Kids Teeth Brushing Routine

Last week I wrote about Oraline Making Tooth Care Fun and Easy, this week I want to tell you how the kids are doing with the new system.

I don't know what it is about tooth brushing and kids but sometimes getting them to brush, clean their toothbrushes of all the left over toothpaste and putting them back in the holder was a chore. They never thoroughly cleaned them out and they always left them on the sink in a pile of pink or blue watery goo depending on the toothpaste we were using. 

Now that we have Oraline they seem to be able to clean their toothbrush and put it into the holder. They race to see who is going to be the one to put the blue light on. The whole family now uses the sanitizer and this is a great thing. 

Personally I used to hate the smell that came from my toothbrush holder and the smell that would sometimes be on my toothbrush handle. It was that damp, wet, not so clean smell that tells you that someone has been putting a thoroughly wet toothbrush back in the holder causing mold to grow at the very bottom of the container. I would bleach the holder every week and allow the bottoms of the toothbrushes to sit in bleach too to get rid of any mold on them.

Thankfully our entire house has learned the way to properly sanitize our brushes and look forward to doing it. We brush in the morning, flick them out to get all the water out. Brush in the evening, flick again and than the kids take turns turning the sanitizer on each night. Before I go to bed the dryer is off and the toothbrushes are ready for another day in perfect, mint condition.

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