Friday, March 16, 2012

Working With Goddess on Touchtile Reading System

Goddess is struggling a bit in school. This is something that started happening the end of last year in Kindergarten. She is a bit behind in reading and writing and while we believe it is her artistic brain and her learning difference,we are concerned. So concerned we have schedule another meeting with her teacher. We are ready to hold her another year in 1st unless the school has a better suggestion.

About a month ago I had the opportunity to review Touchtile Reading System.

The TouchTile™ Reading System uses a touch and slide method to teach students to read. It is rich in phonemic awareness and is fun and easy to use. The tiles are printed in a downloadable workbook and the student simply touches a tile and says the sound. Then the student slides all of the sounds together to make a word.

This touching and sliding is perfect for poor readers, because it takes them all the way back to basic phonemic units and by touching each tile, the student relates the sound to the individual letter. Guessing is eliminated.

Adding additional letters can’t occur, either. Nonsense words are added as a component that strengthens decoding skills.

This system is sequential. It starts with basic letter sounds, consonant, vowel consonant words, blends, silent e, endings, and multi-syllabic words.

We have only used it for about a week and while it is early to see a difference I feel confident that this is very helpful. She has confidence reading them that she doesn't have when she tries to read a book.

Hopefully this works for her. I am hoping this will improve her reading skills. I will keep you all updated.

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  1. My daughter is learning to read with a similar system. We use magnetic tiles on a board, but the concept is the same and seems to be working well. I hope it works well for Goddess, too!


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