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Evil Ambulance by

The blurb:

Eighteen-year-old Eric Donnelly moves to a small town in Pennsylvania, to live with his uncle, Dan, while his parents finalize their divorce. Dan has recently purchased an old house which sits atop a three-mile hill overlooking the town of Riverwood; a house which is host to the decades-old presence of Victor Devlin, a homicidal ambulance driver responsible for a series of brutal murders years before. Eric soon finds himself alone, as the spirit of the ambulance driver begins to inhabit his uncle’s body, and each night Devlin’s ambulance appears in the driveway, eerily glowing, calling to Eric.

The 411 by Maria
If you enjoy light horror this is for you. As I was reading I reminded myself this was was a young adult novel. As a lover of Horror before my kids came along this was the perfect book to ease me slowly into the genre again. It never gets too creepy where I have to turn lights on at night walking through the house.  Evil Ambulance  is about Dan who recently moved into a small old house that sits at the top of a very long road. A road that is so winding that everyone wonders why someone would create such a road just to lead up to the house.  Upon hearing some noise Dan heads downstairs into his basement and finds a glowing, green light that overtakes him. leaving him confused and uncertain if it ever happened. 

When his nephew Eric moves in, things get strange. Dan has been getting sick and a glowing ambulance has been showing up in their drive away. upon investigation they learn that the house once belonged to Victor Devlin who used to work at a hospital and eventually disappeared along with an ambulance.  Could Victor have returned all these years later?  

There is just enough gore and mystery surrounding this book to call it a horror.  I put a lot of weight into the category of books but this is definitely in the right genre.  Author Mark doesn't take it too deep into the gore which considering the YOUNG ADULT category is perfect. I would love to see this as an Adult Horror book. The concept is great and I believe he has a bright future in horror if he decides to continue.

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review.


  1. Thank you for hosting Mark today.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Thank you for your review! The book should be released within the next two months. -- Mark R. Rinker

  3. This story sounds absolutely frightening. I wouldn't mind reading it, but never at night.

  4. As a librarian, I seem to be on the lookout lately for YA titles that will appeal to young men and this sounds like it would fill the bill! Thankd for the review.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. While I don't normally read YA books, this one sounds too good to pass up. I'll be following Mark during his tour to get to know more about him and his book. Thanks for the review.

  6. I did wonder about horror & YA, so thank you for explaining this to me.


  7. I love YA horror--the title reminds me of one of those great, cheesy 80's scary movies! I mean that in a good way--I love that genre :)


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