Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Snow Blew Inn by Dian Curtis Regan

The Snow Blew Inn (published by Holiday House with illustrations by Doug Cushman) is a cozy story about family, friendship, and sharing. Dian Curtis Regan captures the imaginations of young readers and parents alike in this picture book for all ages, with lively language, unexpected characters, and plot twists.

Emma can't wait to have a sleepover with her cousin Abby. But snow has begun to fall outside the Snow Blew Inn where Emma waits, snug and warm. Stranded guests keep arriving until the Inn is full, full, full.

There's Father Bear and Baby Bear, the Squirrel Family, Grandmother Rabbit, and the Fox Family, to name a few. What will happen to Abby and her Mama out in the howling storm?

The Snow Blew Inn is a perfect read-aloud bedtime story, especially on a cold winter's night. A free teaching guide for the classroom can be found on the author's website:

The 411 by Maria:

First, I love anytime I can review a children's book. I have two kids and love anything new I can read to them. It is especially great when the book captures their attention and that happened with The Snow Blew Inn.

Handsome had no problem reading it to me. He especially appreciated all of the sensory words since that is something his teacher focuses on in school.

Goddess loved all the animals. She is dying for a sleepover such as Emma in the story is excited for. She loved the whole idea of so many people hunkering down for the night which is something we have done in the past as a family including her beloved cousin Amanda who has stopped up to spend three days during one particular storm last year. In The Snow Blew Inn, hospitality is key. Taking care of others and sharing your supplies with others who need your help is something we put emphasis on as a family.

This is a great book for so many reasons. Goddess was able to read along thanks to the repetition of the book which helps her reading confidence. Something that is so needed for her.


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  1. This sounds like such a lovely book; I'm sure my grandchildren would love to have it read to them!


    Anne Taylor


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