Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dear Coxsackie

I would like to welcome Coxsackie to my home. May your visit be short!

Goddess has Coxsackie and is currently in bed but I keep checking on her. We headed to the doctor on Tuesday for a sore throat and fever of 103.5 but the throat culture for Strep came back negative. Sent her to school today and all seemed fine except she showed me two little red bumps on her foot and one on her hand. She complains about everything so I said, "well, maybe your shoes are getting too small and your hand was scratched over the weekend, stop playing with the scratch."

We headed to Daisy's and I noticed a little red thing on her hand when she got up from the floor. We did the pledge of allegiance and I saw four red things on her palm that hadn't been there before. As we moved onto our promise I got to see the other hand and noticed more. Pulling her away from the group I checked her hands. The palms were covered. Bing bing that Coxsackie? I called over a mom whose son just had it and she confirmed yes.

My co-leader came over and we conferred. Yup, we were leaving and she headed to the bathroom to wash everyone's hands.

Goddess has some discomfort and we are heading to the doctors to make sure that IS in fact what we are dealing with since I don't have a degree. Hopefully it doesn't last long. She is a chronic complainer and I can't take more than she gives on a healthy day.

So, Coxsackie when it is time to go, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya.


  1. I have never heard of coxsackie--doesn't sound pleasant and I hope she gets over it soon! Mine is a complainer, too. When she REALLY gets hurt, she doesn't cry or whine much, but when she gets a tiny scratch she won't leave me alone until I get a bandaid for it. And she likes to say "my stomach hurts" if she thinks it will get her attention. Who knows when she's telling the truth or not?!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of it either. Doesn't sound like fun. Is it very contagious? If so, I hope it doesn't get ALL of you! Hope she's feeling better very soon!


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