Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Is Box Office Gold!

Not surprised in the least of the record numbers Hunger Games is showing. With over 63 Million on opening day, it has so far taken in a record high of $155 million.

While I have yet to read the Hunger Games, I know so many who have. At least 10 of my female friends are reading the books now because they are dying to see the movie but don't want to without reading the book. Not sure if I understand this mentality but to each his own. While I am dying to read the book and see the movie getting to the book in the next few is probably not going to happen. It is on my Need to Read list but will have to wait. Hoping that I get to the movie even if it is before I read it!

The ratings for the movie are incredible and if these numbers prove anything, it is that writers need to up their game when writing their books. 

The Hunger Games posted the fifth-best opening day EVER!

Have you read it yet? Do you plan on seeing it?

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  1. I read the three books and saw the movie Saturday. I was surprisingly pleased with the movie! I actually LIKED the changes they made. Worth reading and worth seeing!

  2. I read the trilogy but haven't seen the movie yet. Gonna wait till the crowds die down a bit. I usually like reading the books first so I can envision the characters myself. If I see the movie first, when I read the book, all I can picture is the actors. Don't know if that makes any sense. The books are a quick read..I read each one in a few hours.

  3. Good to know Renee! Thanks for commenting.

    Typerpants, I usually wait for crowds to die down too!


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