Saturday, March 17, 2012

Straight out of the Camera - My Son!

This shot is straight out of the camera

I just took this shot today and love how happy he is.

It isn't often that Handsome is outside with us. Today we all spent some great, quality family time. Much needed.


  1. What a cutie pie. He really does look to be quite happy You are lucky you have a child willing to pose for you. I was a non swinger. It always made my stomach hurt, so I just pushed the children and stood by watching their fun. Such a sweet shot. A real keeper. Mr. Linky keeps telling me my post is already up on the site, but it does not appear. Here is the link should you want to see the mountains of VA where we live. genie

  2. Thanks Genie, they are both very much the models after years of being primed for the camera. It has been in their face daily for as many years as they have been around.

    Will be over to check out your mountain shot.


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